Northern Lights in Amazura NEW YORK clashing King Addies & Yardbeat from Japan

Let’s say it with Chin’s word: “WOW”. The last 4 years had been an incredible journey for the Lights dem from Italy: from clashing Rootsman sound from Canada (one of our favorite sound EVER from that part of the world) to fighitng and loosing the War Ina East title in the dub fi dub segment for just 1 song, from winning the Euro Rumble and been 3 songs away from the World Clash Champion title. Now here comes a new challenge for we, and just like in the past 4 years, this is harder than anything we did in the past. If you know about soundclash you heard about the “billboard sound” from New York, the sound owned by Fada Ethan, brought to popularity by selecter Danny Dread Babyface and Tony Matterhorn, the baddest killing machine from the 90s era. Well, on saturday march 24 Northern Lights will face dem in Amazura Queens, New York, their own turf, with their own supporters, plus, probably to make it even harder, Northern Lights adn Addies will compete with another sound to gain the premier league clash title: Yardbeat from Japan. So once again, if you know about soundclash you know that Yardbeat is making a lot of noise in the last years no need to mention their win as the Boomclash winner of 2017 edition. They are also based in New York so yes, Northern Lights will be the underdog but if you know about this sound you probably already saw us fighting for survive and most of the time making it to the top after overcoming the tuffest tasks possible.
This is soundclash, and it’s not made for cowards, we just do things, and this will always be our policy.
So New York, get ready to take in the lights dem, it nah go normal.

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