Last december we got a phone call by FabLion from Kaya sound, asking us if we were still willing to clash as it was 3 years since we stop from defending the NL honour in the arena.
Needless to say that it was just a matter of the “right proposal” and since Kaya Sound came to us with the name of the defending champion of the EURO CUP CLASH 2013, we decide that i could be the right time to step up again.
The outcome of the night is out there, the video as the promoters said will be release soon and we can only say that we being warning everybody about how bad we can be when clash time a come, we know for a fact that we didn’t disappointed our friends and fans all over. Now we moved on onto the next challenge so without spending any other post clash words, we leave you with what we had to say at the end of the night:

“Well, it’s been quite a long while since we started preparing this clash and 3 years since the last clash, so before bigging up all who came to Hiroshima Mon Amour last saturday, we must start by doing something that we really want to say from the bottom of our hearts. Big Up Kaya Sound!
Most of the times is about who won and who lost the competition, and not about who made it possible. Beside being a bunch of marvellous guys, This sound is the perfect example of what is keeping the sound scene alive here in Italy. People like Kaya sound are literally the centrepiece of our beloved movement. It’s because of them, because of the efforts that these guys putted in the organization of the clash that we had the chance to shine once more. So Fabio, Alessandro, Kharim Antonio and the rest of the family, thanks from the bottom of our hearts, Real Rec Real.
Once we said that, let we say this…Big up all italian massive & crews, all who came from foreign and all who is waiting for the audio, you will hear what NL is about. And of course Big up Magic Tuts for taking the challenge, it wasn’t easy but we proved that we deserve it no matter on which ground the battle go on.
Special mention for our family from PG I Shence, what a great surprise to see you in the crowd, big respect to our Florence family Banpay and our long long long long ime breggins Red Storm sound from our likkle city called Udine!!!
…follow the lights dem!!! @Northern Lights”